Featured WootHosting VPS Virtualization Platforms

An accommodating line-up of virtualization technologies that provide a wide array of VPS plans and flexibility for clients.

Entry-Level Linux VPS

Low cost and powerful VPS instances that are deployed on enterprise hardware nodes. These services are provided based upon the industry known and trusted OpenVZ virtualization technology platform; ensuring stability and located on a premium self-healing network for optimal uptime and maximum availability.

Premium Linux VPS

Powered by KVM virtualization technology, our premium Linux VPS instances give you the added benefit of dedicated resource allocations and further isolation from neighboring virtual machines. Premium plans make it possible for clients to make Linux kernel changes in the same way they would be able to with a dedicated server.

Premium Windows VPS

Deploy a Windows Server 2008 or Server 2012 instance and enjoy a familiar interface and along with dedicated resources thanks to the underlying KVM virtualization technology. Perform administrative tasks with ease, use Remote Desktop (RDP) to access and utilize your Windows VPS instance.

Looking for something different? Contact us with your ideal VPS specifications - we offer custom solutions!

Included benefits with every VPS hosting package

While all the benefits included with our VPS service can be found within the client panel, here are some of the highlights.

Instant Setup

Upon ordering, virtual private servers are automatically provisioned utilizing your choice of available operating system templates. Simply, select a plan today and receive the resources and login details you need in just moments!

Full Administrative Access

Linux VPS instances are deployed on your choice of operating system and provide you with root and secure shell (SSH) access. Windows VPS offerings provide you with full Administrator access and can be utilized through Remote Desktop (RDP).

Scalable Resources

Receive the storage, memory, and computing resources you need today and adjust as your requirements dictate. Many functions can be performed as soon as requested and most do not even require a reboot.

SolusVM Admin Panel

Utilize SolusVM panel to control your virtual machine. Perform basic and essentially administrative tasks like boot, shutdown, reboot, reinstall OS, change hostname, and view critical stats and logs.

Included benefits with every service we provide

A number of valuable benefits are included with each and every type of service offering we provide.

    Premium Network

    Award-winning network maintained by experts. Maximum uptime and consistent performance backed by our guarantee.

    Life-saving Support

    All services include comprehensive, responsive, and top-quality support. Our staff is available to assist you 24/7/365.

    Pulse Control Panel

    Manage all of your resources, licenses, payments, and tickets from an ever-improving and intuitive client portal area.